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Trail & Fishing report (Last update: May, 2010)

Trail is 10 km in length. Trail features 200 foot elevation change with low elevation of 1,495 feet and highest elevation of 1,685 feet. Trail heads are located at both the Lodge and River Cabin. Trail is only open for public use during the ski season. Public Trailhead is located at the North end of the property - please follow the parking (P) signs to trail head parking. Please do not disturb guests at either cabin. Poogy's mid-trail warming cabin is open and available to all users unless otherwise posted. Winter usage rates are as follows: Daily Pass $5.00, Individual Season Pass $30.00, Family Season Pass $45.00.

05/30/2010 - Unseasonbly warm temperatures this past week, almost 90 some days! Several moose sighting on and around CedarHurst property this past week. River level is low for this time of year and very dry conditions. Catching blue gills & bass on Juncob Lake.

02/16/2009 - Warm temps last week knocked down some of the snow and made grooming a challenge. Trail has now firmed up with return of winter conditions and trail continues to be in excellent condition throughout the system. The same holds true for area snowmobile trails. Hardpack 30"+ of snow. A positive from the short thaw was the ice rink on Juncob was natually flooded from melting snow and is now setting up as a smooth sheet of ice. Big snow storm is forecast for mid week so whatever snow we lost last week is soon to be replaced.

02/04/2009 - Another 8" of snow we are well over 200" so far this season. Trail was rolled yesterday and is will be groomed today. Beautiful weather heading in this weekend with highs in the mid 30's...perfect!

02/01/2009 - Trails groomed and tracked today conditions continue to be excellent. More snow on the way this week.

01/21/2009 - Snow continues to fall, another 6 inches of fluffy lake effect over the past week. Temps have been moderate this week although we will be getting a mini artic freeze over the weekend. Trail was groomed and tracked last night and is in great shape. The Moose has not been seen this week.

01/12/2009 - More snow on the way along with cold temperatures. Trail was groomed on Friday and conditions continue to be excellent. It was reported to us today from a skier over the weekend that a moose has taken up residence North of Poogies. Fresh tracks and browsing area reported and the bedding area was spotted.

01/09/2009 - More snow 2" to 4" of new snow over the past several days. Trail will be packed and tracked today. Excellent base perfect conditions.

01/05/2009 - Great snow year! Ski Trails have been packed, groomed and tracked and are open with excellent conditions, 14" to 16" base. We had some rain over the Christmas time frame which messed up the skating rink. Cold weather has since returned and we hope to be skating again by mid week. All area snowmobile routes are open and in excellent condition. Best snow conditions in several years so we hope to see you either on the skiing or sledding trails.

12/14/2008 - Good hunting season this year with three bucks taken. Snow has been falling for the past several weeks. Snow conditions just to our east are excellent with a 14" to 16" inch base. Snowfall here in Republic has been lighter maybe 5" to 7" inches. We will access conditions and start rolling the trail when conditions warrant. Ice rink on Juncob has set up well with lots of cold nights. First ice fishermen have been on the lake with lots of bluegills and a few crappie caught.

09/16/2008 - Hard to believe five months have passed! It has been a cool summer, fair amount of rain early then dry as a bone for July and August. September has seen abit more rain but the river continues to be low, weather great. Fishing has been good in the Lake (particularly for largemouth), fair in the river. Trail is open in its entirety, the ferns are turning yellow and the first color has appeared. We are likely 7 days or so from peak. Lots of grouse on the trail and saw two deer today. Had a bear hanging around for a few weeks but he has appeared to have moved on. Two Moose spotting, one big bull crossing the river just below the bridge and a cow along M95. Moose will start moving about now with the rut beginning. Large eagle sitting on a pine overlooking the lake today thought a first to be an immature bald but now think it was a golden flying was huge! Opening of the 2300 acre Republic Wetlands Preserve slated for Wednesday October 8, so more trails for guests to enjoy!

04/07/2008 - Enjoyed a family ski day on Saturday. Groomed Saturday morning perfect spring conditions....tee shirt skiing weather. Trail remained in excellent condition all day even with sunny conditions highs in the mid 50's. Enjoyed chili, hot dogs, brats and other treats at Poogy's mid trail camp. We may be getting another winter storm Tuesday and forecast calls for cooler temps so we will continue to groom at least through this coming weekend.

04/03/2008 - About 14" of new snow Monday night. Finished grooming this morning. Beautiful spring day here highs in the mid-forties sunny. River is beginning to open up lots of robins on the ice edge and the first geese have returned. Still three feet of snow on the ground. Temps still dropping into the teens and twenties at night so best skiing is around 11 am, by 3 or so the trails begins to get soft.

03/31/2008 - A warm sun and fairly mild temperatures made for excellent spring skiing this past weekend. We did lose some snow but a blizzard warning has been issued for tonight with up to 16" forecast to fall. Trail will be groomed again on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on conditions. Wolf tracks again on the trail this past weekend.

03/25/2008 - Well after a frustrating week of working on the the groomer we finally seem to have everything up and running again. A light snow last night deposited around two inches, we have not really lost any snow yet as temperature continue to trend well below normal. Today is overcast and warmer highs in the mid 30's but another shot of cold air is schedule to arrive mid-week with some additional snow. Grooming will resume Thursday and it should be a beautiful weekend for some spring skiing.

beaver damn on the Cedarhurst Trail

overlook on the CedarHurst trail

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