Upper Peninsula Hunting

The Upper Peninsula is home to an abundance of deer, bear and grouse making it an ideal destination for the passionate hunter. At the CedarHurst Lodge not only will you be able to take advantage of our state of the art accommodations, but you’ll have easy access to some of the area’s most popular game.

Deer: With a rural environment and abundance of game, the Upper Peninsula has a reputation of being one of the most desirable places to hunt white-tailed deer in the world. Visit us from late October to November to take advantage of prime deer hunting.

Grouse: If you’re interested in the challenging yet rewarding activity of grouse hunting, CedarHurst Lodge provides an excellent environment for your next hunt. Visit the Upper Peninsula this upcoming season to enjoy the fall colors and tap into one of the largest populations of grouse in the Midwest.

Bear: With miles of private wooded area and plenty of food sources, CedarHurst Lodge provides an ideal environment for hunting black bear. Don’t miss your opportunity to walk away with your limit next bear season.

The CedarHurst lodge provides guests premier access to miles of trails and local game. In addition to our cabins, we also offer a variety of amenities that are geared towards the avid sportsman:

On-Property Blinds: On the CedarHurst property there are five blinds available for your next hunting adventure

Buto Lake Outfitter Tent: Take advantage of our outfitter tent on Buto Lake and set up base camp for your upcoming hunt.

Pet Accommodations: Whether you are visiting CedarHurst lodge with your hunting dogs or your family pet all of our accommodations and area trails are 100% pet friendly. For hunters visiting the area we provide kennels to keep your dog’s safe and secure throughout your trip.

Planned Excursions: If you prefer to set up a guided tour for your next hunt rather than heading out on your own, the staff at CedarHurst Lodge can point you in the right direction. From grouse to white-tailed deer excursions, our expansive network of guides are at your disposal.

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