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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan holds a unique place in the history of the United States. Its vast mineral deposits provided the fuel which fed American industry from the beginnings of the industrial revolution through WW II. Its forests supplied the building blocks for Chicago and Milwaukee. Its wilderness provided a playground for writers, artists and industrials from Hemmingway to Carnegie, Firestone, Edison, McCormick and Ford. Vast acreage is still held in perpetuity by Clubs formed by these families to preserve this unique and spectacular wilderness. Own a slice of this heaven with Buto Lake. Only 340 miles north of Chicago and 2 miles off M-95, the property encompasses 400 acres including 40-acre Buto Lake, Golden Pond, Cranberry Pond and Bruce Creek. It contains diverse hardwood & softwood forest, beautiful rock outcroppings and rolling terrain. A sportsman's dream ducks, grouse, geese, moose, bear, and deer abound.

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